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Lanseria International Airport

Passengers can make use of our world class facilities day and night. With flights from commercial airlines and charter companies operating every day, 24/7.

The newly expanded terminal building offers domestic, regional and international flight departures and arrivals. Destinations from the commercial airlines currently include both Durban and  Cape Town , with more to come soon. The new runway has paved the way for larger aircraft to comfortably land here.

Each airline has their own travel information and special instructions for flying with them, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with their information when flying with them. Contact them directly for flight bookings, changes to your itinerary and luggage restrictions etc.

All airlines have daily flights to and from this airport and up-to-date flight information can be obtained directly from their websites, or mobile applications.



Luxury travel is embedded in the airport’s DNA. Lanseria is the charter airport in South Africa, it is home to various charter companies that offer luxurious jets for all forms of travel.

For privacy, comfort, efficiency and excellent customer service, only Lanseria offers the best.

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