Lanseria International Airport offers safe and secure parking facilities all year round.

In both short term and long-term car parks, your wheels will be looked after, and will enjoy the cool shade of permanent car ports. Security is top notch, with the entire area patrolled 24/7 by guards on bicycles and Segway’s. The parking lot is also access controlled with entrance and exit booms, and interlocking spike barriers.

The parking area is in close proximity to the Main Terminal Building, and we’ll even offer you a lift on our roaming golf carts, if you prefer not to walk.

Disabled parking facilities are also available – look out for the special bays. If you’re travelling with a trailer and need an extra bay, we are happy to accommodate you. Kindly park the trailer in a separate bay and advise us, and we’ll only charge you for one spot.

There is no need to pre-book your parking – first come, first serve. Should the long-term parking bays be full, short term parking rate will apply. Simply drive in and park. The only thing you have to do, is remember where you parked your car, and we’ll do the rest.

LIA has added to its parking with two floors of parking in the multi storey parkade, parking here is both short and long-term parking.

Several payment machines are located inside the airport building and cash and credit cards are accepted on all the machines.

Long Term

If you’re staying with us for more than 5 days at a time, it’s recommended you make use of our long-term parking bays. The rate is calculated per day on a sliding scale.

To find the long-term parking area, simply enter the parking facilities and follow the signs to the designated area. Revalidate your parking ticket by inserting it into the machine at the boom, to qualify for the long-term tariff. There is no need to pre-book your parking – first come, first served. Should the long-term parking bays be full, short term parking rates will apply.

Long Term Parking


Lanseria International Airport has completed its annual review of parking tariffs.

Short-term and Long-term parking tariffs have increased in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Please refer to the tables below for more information.

Short-Term Parking

0 – 30 Min Free
31 Min -1 Hour R22.00
1-2 Hours R34.00
2-3 Hours R37.00
3-4 Hours R47.00
4-5 Hours R54.00
5-6 Hours R61.00
6-7 Hours R68.00
7-8 Hours R74.00
8-9 Hours R81.00
9-10 Hours R88.00
10-11 Hours R95.00
11-12 Hours R101.00
12-13 Hours R108.00
13-14 Hours R115.00
14-24 Hours R157.00
24 Hours R157.00

Long-Term Parking

Shaded Parking Bays
2 Days R314.00
3 Days R350.00
4 Days R360.00
5 Days R380.00
6 Days R400.00
7 Days R450.00
8 Days R503.00
9 Days R568.00
10 Days R628.00
11 Days and Beyond R60.00 per additional day

Multi-Storey Parkade

0 – 30 Min Free
31 Min -1 Hour R25.00
1-2 Hours R39.00
2-3 Hours R43.00
3-4 Hours R54.00
4-5 Hours R62.00
5-6 Hours R70.00
6-7 Hours R78.00
7-8 Hours R85.00
8-9 Hours R93.00
9-10 Hours R101.00
10-11 Hours R109.00
11-12 Hours R116.00
12-13 Hours R124.00
13-14 Hours R132.00
14-24 Hours R181.00
24 Hours R181.00
2 Days R362.00
3 Days R543.00
4 Days R724.00
5 Days R950.00
6 Days and beyond R 80 per additional day