Baggage & Security

We want your time with us at the airport to be as quick and easy as possible.

Our security screening is seamless and hassle-free, and following a few simple guidelines will ensure you pass through with the ease and convenience that LIA is synonymous.

It’s a good idea to double check with your airline beforehand regarding their individual baggage and hand luggage policies.

Items that may not
be transported

There are some dangerous items that may not be
transported and are listed below:

Sharp Items

This includes knives (with blades over 6cm), razor blades, box cutters, scissors (with blades over 6cm), axes, hatchets, cleavers, ice axes, ice picks, swords, sabres, martial arts equipment and any other sharp or pointed items.

Blunt Instruments

This includes baseball/softball bats, clubs, batons, night sticks and martial arts equipment.

Projectile-Firing Weapons

These include firearms, toy guns, replica/imitation guns, firearm parts (except telescopic sights), air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, flare guns, starting pistols, bows or crossbows, arrows, harpoon guns, speak guns, slingshots and catapults.

Explosive or Incendiary Substances

This includes ammunition, blasting caps, detonators and fuses, replica/imitation explosive devices, mines, grenades, pyrotechnics, smoke canisters, smoke cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder or plastic explosives.

Stunning Devices and Incapacitating Devices

Including stun guns, Tasers, animal killers, incapacitating chemicals, gases or sprays (eg Mace), pepper sprays, tear gass, and animal repellent sprays.

Dangerous Goods

These include flammable or harmful substances such as gases, oxidisers, poisons, corrosives and hazardous biological or chemical material. Non-sagety matches, lighter fluid and firelighters are also included. With regards to liquids, you will still be restricted to 100ml when passing through security.


This includes crowbars, drills and drill bits, saws, blowtorches, bold guns, nail guns, or any tool with a blade or shaft over 6cm (e.g. screwdrivers or chisels).

Single Cigarette Lighter

A single cigarette lighter may be carried on your person.

Security and safety of our customers and staff is of utmost importance and we reserve the right to
prevent any item considered to pose a security risk from passing through to the departure areas.