Airport Services

Lanseria International Airport offers a number of airport services.

Here you will find all you need to know about our Fixed Base Operations, Freight Handlers, Air Traffic Control, Fuel Handling, and Aircraft Sales and Maintenance.

Fixed Base Operations

This international airport not only has regular commercial flights, but also has the capacity to handle various fixed base operators on site.

Fixed Base Operations


From its base at Lanseria International Airport, the executive Aircraft Charter business delivers bespoke air travel solutions in a private, discreet, personalised and safe environment. We pride ourselves on offering our guests one-stop VIP travel solutions tailored to their individual requirements with the utmost attention to detail.

NAC’s extensive modern aircraft fleet includes turboprop aircraft; light, mid-size, super-midsize and heavy corporate jets; as well as various airliners.  Aircraft flight efficiency, flexibility and comfort are maximised, whether you charter for private or business travel.

Charters are provided for every eventuality from presidential, diplomatic and corporate jet charter flights, to incentive travel, lodge transfers and scenic flights.

Fixed Base Operation

NAC’s Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Lanseria International Airport (ICAO: FALA) offers clients a comprehensive suite of services on a 24/7 basis. We ensure that clients and crews enjoy the ultimate in service and attention, with highly experienced staff on hand to deal with special requests and individually tailored solutions. From hangarage, aircraft care and management to arrival, departure and beyond, all private or business travel needs are met with dedication and personalised care in our world class facilities. Enthusiasm, commitment and scrupulous attention to detail are assured at our state-of-the-art FBO.


BIDAir offers, on demand, ground handling anywhere in the world. The following are some of the ground services we provide:
Passenger handling; Customs and immigration; Cargo and baggage services; Catering; International trip support; Security arrangement; Ramp handling;Crew VISA arrangements; Slot arrangements; Weather/NOTAMS; Provision of transport for crew and passengers; Hotel accommodation fore crew and passengers; Fuel arrangement; Flight Watch; Representation and supervision; FPL filing; Limousine services; Wheel chair services and; VIP passenger meet and greet off commercial flights.

Overflight and landing permits must be obtained before your aircraft can legally enter the airspace of another country or land in it. BIDAir Services has gained an international reputation to obtain these essential permits in the shortest timeframe possible.

ExecuJet (FBO)

From our worldwide bases ExecuJet provides a diverse range of FBO and aircraft aviation solutions. ExecuJet South Africa is based at Lanseria International Airport near Johannesburg and at Cape Town International Airport with a state-of-the-art FBO facility offering 5,000 sqm of hangar and 7,000 sqm of dedicated ramp parking.

Our domestic lounges at Cape Town and Lanseria house a private apron situated at the facility and our own international lounges situated at the main terminal buildings, provide unparalleled service to passengers and crew. Our passenger lounges offer comfortable waiting areas, shower facilities, well-stocked bars, hot and cold snacks, complimentary daily newspapers, magazines and plasma televisions. Business centre facilities include internet access, telephone, fax and business equipment.

For flight crew, ExecuJet provides lounges and restrooms with access to phone, internet and latest communications facilities. An operations briefing room is available to consult the latest weather forecasts, plot flight routing and flight planning.

This division of ExecuJet also has extensive experience in the planning and execution of VIP, diplomatic and presidential flights; advance team dispatching and specialist security services for operations into Africa as well as a full concierge service available for all clients. ExecuJet passengers and crew can make use of private facilities at each of our FBOs. Our staff will make sure you travel with the utmost comfort in order to arrive refreshed and relaxed.

MH Aviation Services

MH Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of World Fuel Services, one of the world’s largest fuel resellers and a Fortune 100 Company.
Our Head Office in Edenvale is home to the heart of MH Aviation – the 24/7 Flight Support and Travel Departments – while our Lanseria Office & Pilots Lounge facilitates Sales and Ground Handling.

We are a Full Flight Support company, and as such our services include (but are not limited to):


  • Flight Planning & Trip Support
  • Handling set-ups
  • Handling Relocations
  • Clearances
  • Fuel setups through the Global WFS fuel network
  • Catering Orders
  • Slot Arrangements
  • Weather & NOTAMS


  • Hotel / Accommodation Bookings
  • Airline bookings
  • Assistance with visas
  • Transport related bookings (Car Hire, chauffeur drive etc)
Spectrem Air

Spectrem Air is a small group of geophysicists, engineers, pilots and aviation and support staff, developing and operating state of the art airborne geophysical systems.

The systems are usually applied to mineral exploration but can also be used in other fields like environmental and water investigations. Spectrem Air LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anglo Operations LTD.

Contact Louis Polomè on 082 453 8008 for more information.

Zenith Air

Zenith Air is one of the most respected and reputable charter operators in South Africa. We are based at Lanseria International Airport, north of Johannesburg. We are an industry leader in VIP air charter, aircraft leasing, aircraft maintenance and management services.

Our operating philosophy and vast experience is based on rigorous safety standards and an immaculate record in flight safety allowing our clientele the highest quality of service.

Zenith Air provides wide-ranging aeronautical services and aircraft aviation solutions. These services include fuel arrangements, hangaring, tie-down and parking and aircraft maintenance. Our VIP lounge offer a relaxed waiting area with snacks, hot and cold beverages, magazines and plasma television as well as internet and telephone access. An operations briefing room is available for flight crew for forecasts and planning. Our staff is dedicated to make sure you arrive relaxed and refreshed at your destination.

Our well-earned reputation in the aviation industry ensures that quality service is provided.


Lanseria International Airport is geared to handle fast and efficient freight by utilising capacities available on scheduled and charter aircraft.

Large freight operators are accommodated on the freight apron and loading area. The Department of Customs and Excise provides the necessary clearance for the import and export of goods.

Large freight services are available, and a number of freight operators have chosen Lanseria International Airport as their base operation of choice.

Enloade Customs and Handling Services (Pty) Ltd
Enloade Customs and Handling Services (Pty) Ltd
Enloade Customs and Handling Services (Pty) Ltd

Customs and Handling Services

Enloade Customs and Handling Services (Pty) Ltd is a dedicated air freight and cargo handling company. We offer quick and reliable service, addressing all your cargo needs. We take pride in offering the best possible solution for each individual consignment.

Enloade Customs and Handling Services is able to handle every aspect of your air freight needs. We provide the following services:

  • Customs export/import documentation and clearing out and into RSA; Cargo receiving,
  • CAA part 108 screening, warehousing and ramp transfers;
  • Loading and off-loading of aircraft at Lanseria Airport;
  • Updating clients on the progress of their cargo at every stage.

We pride ourself to provide our clients with nothing less than the best solutions and services.

Air Traffic

Air Traffic Control

ATNS is responsible for delivering safe, efficient, equitable and reliable air traffic control service in approximately 10% of the world’s airspace. Our services extend further than the familiar air traffic control service, into the provision of vitally important aeronautical information services used for all flight planning purposes as well as search and rescue activities and the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure.

The services we provide at Lanseria are:

  • Tower and Approach control service: 24 hours
  • Ground movement control service: [05h45 – 19h00] daily
  • Instrument approaches include: VOR/DME, NDB and RNAV
  • Tower Frequency: 124.00Mhz
  • Ground Frequency: 121.65Mhz
  • Apron Services Frequency: 122.85Mhz [24 hours]
  • ATIS Frequency: 127.65Mhz

Fuel Handling

For fuel requirement contact:

Jet A1 refuelling by means of Hydrant on main apron and bowsers.

Please note between 19:00 and 05:00 refuelling will only be done on the main apron.

Payment method:
  • Credit Cards
    Visa, Master, Amex, Nedfleet, Dinners and debit card
  • Fuel Cards
    UVair, Avcard, World Fuel Services, Multi Service & MH Aviation
  • Cash And Foreign Currency
    Please contact Fuel Manager before refueling
Fuel Handling

Aircraft Sales &

Lanseria International Airport is home to major aircraft agents representing the international leaders in aircraft manufacture, sales and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for or already flying a Cirrus or a Cessna, a Bombardier or a Bell, or a single or a twin, piston, turboprop or jet, we’re sure you can find whatever you need here with us.

Full airframe and mechanical services are also available, including specialists in the following areas:

  • Avionics Precision
  • Engineering Instrumentation
  • Airframe Services
  • Spray Painters
  • Sheet Metal Suppliers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Upholstery
  • Engine Shops
  • Interior Designers
Aircraft Sales & Maintenance
Elite Tek Aircraft Maintenance (Pty) Ltd
Elite Tek Aircraft Maintenance (Pty) Ltd

Elite Tek Aircraft Maintenance (Pty) Ltd (AMO1170) provides a service that assures the best attention to detail at all times, we focus on each individual aircraft, as if it were our own.

  • We strive to build a relationship with our clients based on trust, excellence and consistency.
  • We are aware of the high cost of aircraft maintenance. With our best efforts, we aim to provide the lowest and most cost-effective solution to ensure your assets’ serviceability with as little down time as possible
  • Safety is a high priority for Elite Tek. Our goal is to achieve a healthy and safe environment for all staff in order to provide the type of working conditions that are conducive to peak efficiency and high productivity.
BidAir Cargo

BidAir Cargo operates cargo on and Mango flights between Lanseria and Cape Town and Lanseria and Durban. BidAir Cargo is the only cargo operator for scheduled flights on the airport.

Lanseria, a privately-owned international airport, is ideally situated for packages originating from the northern suburbs, Pretoria and further afield. Excess baggage could be handled as cargo and be booked on the same flight as the passenger. Unaccompanied baggage can also be moved as cargo.

The premises are on the ramp and offer 300 square meters of warehousing, with a Bond Store and PetLounge. The facility is fully Part 108 compliant.

BidAir Cargo recommends that animal travel is reserved 48 hours prior to departure using the National Reservations Line: 0800 22 11 39 or +27 (0) 11 230 4600. Animals are treated in a separate channel away from general cargo for the comfort of the animal and to minimize possible stress.

Deseré de Villiers, the BidAir Cargo Lanseria Station Manager, is poised to provide fast, efficient and personalised service.

ExecuJet (Maintenance)

Conlyn Aviation Training offers online ground school, which allows students to complete lessons from home, at your own pace. (For their convenience, foreign students are able to access accommodation that is close to the airfield.) As an Africa Flight student, you’ll receive individual attention from qualified instructors and – because we’re situated at Lanseria International Airport – exposure to a busy aviation environment. As a result, you’ll gain enough experience to be confident enough to operate under any circumstances. Conlyn Aviation Training offers the following courses:

  • PPL to ATPL
  • Hire & Fly
  • Instructor Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi Engine Conversions
  • License Validations
  • BE9L, BE20, B350 and B190 Conversion Training
Next Aviation

Your Premier Aircraft Buying and Selling Solution

NEXT Aviation is a global leader for aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Located at Hangar 108 on the south side of Lanseria Airport, our Sales Office and Hangar facility provide comprehensive expertise in aircraft sales, purchases, price evaluations, and valuation options. Whether you are in search of aircraft available for sale or looking to purchase one, NEXT Aviation has you covered.

Our knowledgeable team offers a variety of aircraft options and can guide you through the entire purchasing process. At NEXT Aviation, we excel in aircraft import and export. Our expertise in this field ensures smooth transactions and compliance with all necessary regulations.

Choose Next Aviation as your trusted partner for all your aircraft needs. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and benefit from our extensive industry knowledge.

NAC (Sales and Maintenance)

NAC offers a full range of aviation services and products to the fixed wing and helicopter markets, including aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, parts, value added products, charter, international operations and pilot, technical and ATC training.

From its headquarters at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, NAC operates a South African network of offices in Cape Town, Durban, Grand Central Airport, Wonderboom Airport and Rand Airport. NAC also has businesses internationally with Awesome Flight Logistics in Perth, Australia and Specialized Aircraft Services in Wichita, USA.

NAC prides itself on being one of the most professional aircraft sales organizations in the world, offering a range of the best new and pre-owned products in the industry. NAC’s aircraft sales professionals service clients across the African region and the globe, from offices at Lanseria Airport, Wonderboom Airport and Virginia Airport.

NAC is a Nextant 400XT Aircraft Dealer, Eclipse Dealer, Distributor for Daher-Socata, an Authorized Distributor for Piper Aircraft,a Distributor for Quest KODIAKAircraft, an Independent Representative for Bell Helicopter and a Dealer for Robinson Helicopterin Africa. NAC also has a relationship with Dassault to sell their technologically superior Falcon jets to selected prospects across the African continent.


Interjet is a company that provides general and heavy quality aircraft maintenance, avionics, training and aircraft sales to the private, corporate, commercial and military aviation industries. Our Avionics Division is one of the largest performing installations on glass cockpits, RVSM, TCAS, autopilots and various other installations. Interjet hold dealerships such as Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Sandel, Avidyne and Universal to name but a few. The Avionic and instrument division include component sales, overhauls, component repairs, FDR downloads, instrument inspections and calibration, compass swing and much more. We have recently been allocated a license by the SACAA for an Avionic Design Organization.

We are very proud of what we offer and guarantee personal interest in each and every customer throughout Africa and the rest of the World!

Our core strength is our highly skilled and experienced workforce, which in-turn offers all our customers the peace of mind that their aircraft is professionally cared for throughout its stay at Interjet. Being situated at Lanseria International Airport, we are strategically well positioned for all South African, continental African and International customers alike to enjoy easy access to our facilities.

Zenith Air

Zenith Air’s aircraft maintenance facility are dedicated to providing the highest level of service excellence. Our quality workmanship is managed by strict internal quality and regulatory audited control.

We maintain our aircraft to the standard only Zenith Air can achieve. We commit ourselves to the safety and satisfaction of our customers with the highest level of service in maintenance.

Zenith Air provides third party maintenance on Gulfstream and Hawker aircraft. You can rely on us to return it to you with minimal downtime. As with all aspects of our business, we are always investing in our equipment, our staff and our facility.

Vector Aerospace Africa (Pty) Ltd

We are an industry-leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operators around the globe, offering responsive, high quality and value-for-money support for engines, airframes and components.

Absolute Aviation Group: Sales & Maintenance

Absolute Aviation Group has evolved from a specialised aviation management and consulting company into a full spectrum aviation group, offering customers unparalleled levels of support and expertise in the form of a bespoke aviation service.  As the authorised Sales, Service and Parts Representatives for Cessna and Beechcraft in Southern and Central Africa, and the authorised representative and distributor for Blackhawk, BLR and Raisbeck Engineering in Africa,complimented by full Flight Services and Aircraft Management capabilities, Absolute Aviation is one of the only general aviation businesses able to offer full turnkey aviation service to aviators on the Continent.

The Group entities are collectively aimed at providing a differentiated, customer centric, turnkey solution to aircraft ownership and operation.  Their mission is to remain with their valued customers for the duration of the aviation journey and to make sure that it is a safe and memorable one.

In addition to the Head Office for their African operations, they own and operate a number of aviation businesses out of 5 hangars at Lanseria International Airport, and out of satellite locations in Cape Town, Wonderboom, Maun and Gaborone.

The Absolute Service Centre (previously Comair Servicing) was established to assist customers with immediate aircraft support by leveraging the Textron global maintenance network.  The Management Team members have combined experience in servicing, repairing and maintaining aircraft of over 100 years and our engineers are Textron Factory qualified and trained by TRU Simulation + Training. They take great pride in the quality and integrity of the service they provide to their valued customers.

Absolute Service Centre (ASC) is a Textron authorised service facility on the African Continent. They are the African Regional representatives of the worldwide Textron 1CALL hotline support network. Customers can get assistance from them at their main service centre located at Lanseria International airport and satellite operations in Lomé (Togolese Republic), Cape Town and very soon in two locations in Botswana.

Their Cessna Authorised Service Centre status dates back to 1964, making them the oldest representative of Cessna products outside the United States. They are proud to announce that they are now additionally a Beechcraft Authorised Service Facility.

Aspire Aviation

Based at Lanseria International Airport, Aspire Aviation (Pty) Ltd is an innovative, progressive South African Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisation.

Aspire Aviation is the only authorised service centre on the African continent for Embraer executive and commercial aircraft that is focused on delivering a personalised experience to aircraft owners and operators, ensuring the continued safe operation of customers aircraft assets with the aim of becoming the preferred MRO.

Aspire Aviation holds approvals to maintain aircraft on the National Regulatory registers of South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Bermuda with more certifications to follow as the company’s team of Aviation Maintenance Engineers (AME’s) are certified to carry out maintenance on aircraft airframes, engines and avionics for a range of aircraft, including Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, Embraer, Beechcraft,  Hawker, Raytheon Premier and MC Douglas DC 3 types.

Hanger 201, Lanseria International Airport, Lanseria South Africa