International Travel

Here’s what you need to know about immigration and security screening at Lanseria International Airport.

Immigration and security screening
Priority is offered to Persons with Reduced Mobility and one companion:

  •  For immigration screening, please proceed to the special assistance lane.
  • For security screening, please approach the security officer at the front of the queue for assistance.

Security Screening
You may enter the metal detector with your personal mobility aid, such as walking canes, quad canes, white canes and crutches. For wheelchair users, you would pass through a side door as wheelchairs are unable to pass through the metal detector. All personal mobility aids will be screened separately thereafter. If the metal detector is triggered, a routine body search may be required. Private search rooms are available on request.

If you are carrying liquid medication over 100ml, please present doctor’s certification and/or other supporting documents to the security officer.

If you are wearing medical devices, such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, please alert our security officer so that the security screening process can be tweaked to better help you.

Further details on the security procedures and regulations are available here.