Why Lanseria is Gauteng’s Airport Of Choice

Flying can sometimes be a stress. You have to think about checking in, boarding times and gates, tickets, baggage restrictions … Continued

Flying can sometimes be a stress. You have to think about checking in, boarding times and gates, tickets, baggage restrictions – it’s often a nerve-wracking start to what’s supposed to be a relaxing family holiday.

So, it stands to reason, then, that a pleasant, professional airport experience is vital for your trip. If the airport is easy to get to, you won’t have to worry about rushing to catch a flight or leaving at an unreasonable time to get to the airport. What’s more, if you arrive with time to spare, and the airport is a hub of conveniences and amenities, you’ll have no problem spending time there waiting for your flight – it’ll be like your holiday has already begun.

Lanseria International Airport is one such start to your trip – steeped in professionalism and replete with all the amenities you could need while away from home. Lanseria, when it comes to choosing airports in Gauteng, should be your go-to.

However, Lanseria International Airport is one of two international airports serving the Johannesburg metropolitan area in Gauteng, South Africa. So, with two big airports in Johannesburg, why choose Lanseria?

There are a few key reasons.


What are the benefits of flying to and from Lanseria Airport?

  • Lanseria is a much smaller and therefore more convenient airport than its larger counterparts. This makes it ideal for domestic and regional flights.
  • The airport is situated just outside of Johannesburg’s city centre, making it a more accessible option for many travellers.
  • Lanseria also has a strong focus on customer service, meaning you can expect a more pleasant experience when flying from here.


What amenities make Lanseria the airport of choice in Gauteng?

An airport shouldn’t just be a point A or a point B in a journey. It’s a place to socialise, grab lunch, have a drink, and do some shopping, all just before heading off on a new adventure. What’s more, an airport isn’t just a place for waiting – it’s more than that. And a prime example of one offering travellers much more than just a place to catch a flight, is Lanseria International Airport.

Here’s what we can offer you when you visit.


Restaurants and Shops

From delicious coffees and snacks to full meals, and with cuisines that celebrate all tastes and palates, take your pick when you’re feeling peckish, at our bustling food court.

Then, if you need to get a bit of retail therapy in, we have an array of shops.



Modern sophistication before you fly – take advantage of our range of executive lounges. Each a sensory experience, the lounges at Lanseria give travellers a taste of the finer things. They’re the perfect spots to unwind before a flight, or even catch up on some work – our lounges are quiet, comfortable and elegant.

When it comes to airports in Gauteng, if you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, Lanseria is the perfect choice. Start your trip on the right foot – choose to fly from Lanseria and get ready for a world-class airport experience that starts with convenience, and always ends on a high note, so to speak. Click here to find out more


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