COVID-19 Information

We are currently experiencing a global pandemic that has changed the way we all travel.

In such unprecedented times, the safety and well being of all our passengers, visitors and stakeholders continues to be top of mind. Lanseria International Airport has taken steps to ensure your safety at the airport.

Adjusted Level 4

On 27 June 2021, the President of South Africa announced the return of the country to an adjusted level 4. Travel into and from Gauteng is permitted under the following conditions and should be accompanied by the relevant authorization as detailed in the table below. Please also consult the relevant airline websites for additional information and possible schedule flight changes which may be required

  • Business travel
  • Attendance of funeral
  • Transportation of mortal remains
  • Transiting through Gauteng
  • Learners commuting to and from school or institution og higher education
  • Moving to a new place of residence
  • Caring for an immediate family member
  • Obtaining medical treatment
  • Returning to a place of residence

Reason for travel Required document Required Signature
Business travel Form 7 Must be signed by head of organisation
Funeral Form 4 Must be sworn at a police station or magistrates court
Care for a family member Form 6 affidavit Must be sworn at a police station or magistrates court
Other Affidavit Must be sworn at a police station or magistrates court


If you need to travel and no form fits your situation, you can get an affidavit at a magistrate’s court or police station stating the reason for travel.

Creating a Safe
Environment for Travel

1. We conduct frequent cleaning and disinfection across our terminal building. High contact areas across thee airport such as door handles, counter tops, baggage trolleys and lift buttons are cleaned and disinfected frequently.

2. Screening check points: All departing passengers at Lanseria are subject to temperature screening. Anyone who shows a high temperature or exhibits any signs and symptoms is immediately referred to the observation room where they are attended to by the medical team.

3. There are hand sanitizers available for passengers and airport staff use across the terminal building. From the entrance to barding gates, all patrons are encouraged to sanitize their hands.

4. Social distancing markers have been placed on the floor and seating areas to ensure all passengers and staff adhere to the regulated distancing. These markers are visible in lounges, restaurants, boarding gate seating etc.

5. Screens have been placed at all check in counters to help protect passengers and staff.

6. Prayer rooms and baby care rooms are available for use, all passengers are encouraged to observe safe distancing when making use of them.

7. It is mandatory for all that access the airport to have a face mask on. No patron will be allowed onto the airport premises without a mask. Passengers who need to purchase a mask may do so at the airport pharmacy in the Multi Storey parkade.

8. All passengers are encouraged to check in online and in the event that you did not check in online the airport has initiated contactless check in where the passenger will conduct check in procedures with the agent with no contact between the two. This will be conducted behind a screen for protection of both the passenger and agent.