Parking and Drop & Go



Lanseria International Airport offers safe and secure parking facilities all year round. In both short term and long term car parks, your wheels will be looked after and enjoy the cool shade of permanent car ports. Security is top notch, with the entire area patrolled 24/7 by guards on bcycles and Segway's. The parking lot is also access controlled with entrance and exit booms, and interlocking spike barriers.

The parking area is in close proximity to the Main Terminal Building, but we’ll even offer you a lift on our roaming golf carts, if you prefer not to walk.

Disabled parking facilities are also available – look out for the special bays. If you’re travelling with a trailer and need an extra bay, we are happy to accommodate you. Kindly park the trailer in a separate bay and advise us, and we’ll only charge for you for one spot.

There is no need to pre-book your parking - first come, first served.  Should the long term parking bays be full, short term parking rate will apply.  Simply drive in and park. The only thing you have to do, is remember where you parked your car, and we’ll do the rest.

Several payment machines are located inside the airport building and cash and credit cards are accepted on all the machines.


If you’re staying with us for more than 3 days and 8 hours at a time, it’s recommended you make use of our long term parking bays. The rate is calculated per day on a sliding scale.

To find the long term parking area, simply enter the parking facilities and follow the signs to the designated area. Revalidate your parking ticket by inserting it into the machine at the boom, to qualify for the long term tariff.  There is no need to pre-book your parking - first come, first served.  Should the long term parking bays be full, short term parking rate will apply.







If you’re parking your car at our airport, our Drop and Go area is perfect for easy drop off or a quick collection. The facility has made provision for wheelchair access and is located alongside the terminal building.  If you are collecting someone from the airport, and want to avoid paying for parking while you wait, use our Ring & Ride facility.


What is it?
The Ring & Ride car park waiting area is an ideal place to wait in your car until your arriving party calls you (on their cell phone), to let you know that their plane has arrived, and they are ready to be collected. You may then drive up to the Drop & Go area and collect them, without having to pay for parking.

How much does it cost?
It's free of charge and can be used for up to one hour, while waiting in your car.

Where is it?
The Ring & Ride waiting area is located on the entrance road leading into the airport next to the ExecuJet facility. It is closely located to both the parking and Drop & Go facilities, which will allow customers to easily make use of either of these.  Follow the signage as you enter the airport road to the demarcated vehicle waiting area.

Some Things You Need to Know
This is a free parking lot, but maximum waiting time is one hour.  If you need to wait longer, kindly make use of the parking area across the road.  While waiting, the driver must remain in the vehicle.  Space in this area is limited, and will be used on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. It's best to phone your driver once you are waiting at the Drop & Go zone, and not while waiting for your baggage when still inside the airport building.