Corporate Social Investment

Mobsie Play school

Working to be at the heart of our community.

We have a strong sense of community responsibility and believe we are who we are because of the community that surrounds us.  We have developed a strong programme of community investment and play an active role in developing the communities that surround us. Our focus is primarily on health care and education with infrastructure development as the main driver.

Education programs.

Our aim is to invest in young people and we believe that a good and firm foundation is needed for the future leaders and workforce that will take the country forward. Thus we have invested a sizeable amount of funds in early childhood development programs (ECD) and primary schools.

Rainbow ECD.

Rainbow ECD is located in the Malatjie informal settlement and takes care of sixty children from the settlement. The children that come to this ECD have parents that are either unemployed or employed in low paying jobs and some do not have access to adequate nutrition. As part of the upliftment program we decided to provide a nutrition program in the form of groceries that are bought for the crèche and we ensure that the food delivered is wholesome and has nutritional value to aid the children’s growth. Food deliveries are done as and when the crèche supplies are low. This project has been ongoing for a year and we look forward to continuing it for the next coming year.

We are also building a three roomed Wendy house which will house a kitchen, office and a sick bay. We hope this infrastructure will go a long way in making the learning environment more conducive for the children.

Tirisano Mmogo Primary School

Tirisano Mmogo is located in Cosmo City and has over 1600 learners. The school was in need of a perimeter wall to protect the school grounds and property from vandalism. We decided to contribute towards building the perimeter wall to make the school more secure for the learners.

Blair Athol Primary School.

Blair Athol Primary School is located on a plot outside the airport and has over 1200 learners. Most of the learners come from the informal settlements in the area e.g. Malatjie, Joe Slovo etc. This school has seen poor academic results over the years and some of the contributing factors have been the state that the school facilities were in. School buildings were becoming mouldy due to rain water collecting in the school grounds as there was no drainage system. There was a dangerous embankment which became a danger to the school children when the rainy season started and in general the school grounds became muddy when the rainy season was in progress. We partnered with SAME Foundation and started off by constructing a drainage system which has collected all the water from the classrooms and diverted it to water plants where it was needed. The new drainage system has eradicated the mould that was becoming a health hazard to the students. We then went into the next phase of securing the embankment by building a retaining wall to make the area safe for the school children and rounded off by paving the school yard making it safer and cleaner for the students. Blair Athol is now a far cry from what it used to be and we continue in our quest to make the school environment more conducive to learning for the students in an effort to raise the pass mark.

Mobsie Play school.

Mobsie Play School is the new kid on the block ECD that is revolutionizing ECD learning in the townships. This play school equips children with skills that assist them with transitioning from crèche to primary school with ease, their curriculum is tried and tested and boasts of many successes. The founder has a dream of providing children from townships with the kind of education that is offered in the suburbs at a minimal cost. They have a plan to expand to all townships in South Africa. We looked at this model and felt that we wanted to help bring the best education to the children’s door step, rather than to travel across suburbs to find it. We provided Mobsie with funding to establish a crèche in Cosmo city and provided all learning aids needed for the crèche to function fully.

Health Care

Refilwe Bophelo Clinic

Refilwe Bophelo clinic is the brain child of a retired nurse who realized the need for health care in the Lanseria area. She started a clinic and caters for people form Joe Slovo, Malatjie, Lion Park, Thabo Mbeki just to mention a few. The people that frequent the clinic are not able to pay for basic services but the nurse consulted and gave medication for free. We realised as the airport that the service she was offering was vital and people did not have to walk long distances to the nearest clinic which is located in Cosmo City, we decided to partner with Refilwe Bophelo and provide medical supplies that are used to treat people that come to the clinic.